Setup Australia Post-calculated shipping rates

Displaying Auspost shipping rates to your customers at checkout is easy with the Auspost Pricing and Labels App.


In order to display Auspost-calculated shipping rates at checkout, you require the Advanced Shopify plan, Shopify Plus, and any Shopify annual plan. If you aren't on one of those plans, you can request Shopify to add the feature to your account. Contact Shopify Support for more details.

Step 1: Click the "Activate Australia Post Rates" Button

The "Activate Australia Post Rates" button can be found on the App's Dashboard and within Settings.

Click the button labeled "Activate Australia Post Rates". Once clicked, the button will change colour and be renamed to "Deactivate Australia Post Rates".

Step 2: Go to Shopify Admin Shipping Settings

The rates from Australia Post won't be available on your Store's Checkout until you enable them in your Shopify Admin's Shipping Settings.

On the Shopify Admin go to: "Settings" ➡︎ "Shipping"

Step 3: Go to "Manage Rates"

Click "Manage Rates" link located within the "Shipping Profiles" section.

Step 4: Add carrier calculated rates

Click "Add Rate"

Select "Use Carrier or app to calculate rates"

Click "Done"

Step 5: Select the Services

Select the services you want to be shown on the checkout (Express Post and Parcel Post).

Click "Done".

Step 6: Save your Shopify Admin Changes

Don't forget to save your Shopify Admin changes by clicking the "Save" button found in the top right hand corner of the screen.